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We are so excited to have you join our community of individuals and families that desire a more enlightened approach to attaining health and vitality. With our Lean to Wellness Program, you are beginning a holistic and medically supervised program that will enable you to lose the fat and weight, as well as achieve the wellness you desire and deserve. Unlike low calorie starvation diets, we will customize and provide a plan tailored to your unique biological requirements. One size does not fit all! In addition, Dr. Lester and his professional team will support your Lean to Wellness journey with science-based nutrition protocols. If you have any underlying health challenges that may need more specific support, they will be addressed as well. Our menu of health programs and resources will enable you to overcome diabetic complications, heart disease, mood and stress disorders, and other health altering conditions. Dr. Lester’s vast experience and expertise in Constitutional Homeopathic Prescribing is yet another layer ofsupport to stimulate a deeper healing response. To learn more, just request a consultation with our professional staff by calling one of our convenient locations or visiting our website at TrilogyMedical.net. We look forward to partnering with you. Your Lean to Wellness journey begins on the next page! Dr. Jeff Lester