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We are so excited to have you join our community of individuals and families that desire a more enlightened approach to attaining health and vitality. With our Lean to Wellness Program, you are beginning a holistic and medically supervised program that will enable you to lose the fat and weight, as well as achieve the wellness you desire and deserve. Unlike low calorie starvation diets, we will customize and provide a plan tailored to your unique biological requirements. One size does not fit all! In addition, Dr. Lester and his professional team will support your Lean to Wellness journey with science-based nutrition protocols. If you have any underlying health challenges that may need more specific support, they will be addressed as well. Our menu of health programs and resources will enable you to overcome diabetic complications, heart disease, mood and stress disorders, and other health altering conditions. Dr. Lester’s vast experience and expertise in Constitutional Homeopathic Prescribing is yet another layer ofsupport to stimulate a deeper healing response. To learn more, just request a consultation with our professional staff by calling one of our convenient locations or visiting our website at TrilogyMedical.net. We look forward to partnering with you. Your Lean to Wellness journey begins on the next page! Dr. Jeff Lester

Welcome to Trilogy Medical Centers!

Welcome to Trilogy Medical Centers for Integrative Medicine! We practice integrative medicine which is based on a new medical approach by treating the patient and not just the disease. By treating the patient, the whole person is considered with all aspects of lifestyle – including body and mind. At Trilogy Medical Centers, we use homeopathy, nutritional medicine, and modern medicine as our holistic approach to integrative medicine. This innovative and science-based approach guides both our diagnosis and treatment as we are not limited to treating certain conditions or body parts as hormone, heart, cancer, or skin doctors do. Our strength is not in what we treat but how we treat. Placing our focus on the patient – rather than the disease – is important for recovery. By finding the root cause(s) of individual biochemistry, we are able to remove the endless cycle of drug therapy for many of our patients. With integrative medicine, we are able to heal conditions that many conventional doctors deem as psychological, incurable, or even terminal. By tailoring interventions specifically for the patient, we are able to restore balance in all aspects of the person’s life. This includes a patient’s genetic makeup, environmental inputs, and body-mind elements. However, research proves that up to 90 percent of chronic illnesses are due to lifestyle choices. With integrative medicine, a patient is able to attack problems without the limitation of conventional drugs. Along with making personal lifestyle changes to help the healing process, our professional staff may prescribe other protocols that will bring balance to a patient’s life whether it be through homeopathy, modern medicine, detoxification and therapeutic diet, nutraceuticals, or stress management. Many times, patients are overweight when they visit our practitioners. If that includes you, our Lean to Wellness Patient Guide will help get you started. In the following pages, you will learn what to expect as you partner with Trilogy Medical Centers. We encourage you to read through the entire guide for your best possible outcome. You’ll find our guide broken down into four parts. The guide you are reading now will show you what to expect when getting started with our Lean to Wellness program. Our other guides will provide you with tips and techniques that will help you with incorporating exercise, quality sleep, and stress management as they are also important aspects of a healthy lifestyle. You’ll also find a more detailed nutrition guide that goes along with the menu plans our office will personally provide you. It includes simple and delicious recipes you can use for your whole family. Like our past and current patients, we hope you’ll take charge of your own health by partnering with us at Trilogy Medical Centers.

Your Initial Visit

After completing the patient packet at Trilogy Medical Centers, you will receive a comprehensive physical exam by one of our knowledgeable practitioners. We will also collect the following from you which will help us determine your needs to help you reach your weight loss and health goals. The information will help us customize a diet and supplement plan for your individualized weight loss program. Also during this first visit, we will provide a therapeutic injection that will help you get started. Recommendations for any supplements you may need will also be addressed at this time. (You can read more about our injections here »)

  • Weight
  • Height
  • BMI (Body Mass Index)*
  • Fat % (Body Fat Percentage)*
  • FFM (Fat Free Mass)*
  • BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate)*
  • TBW (Total Body Water)*
  • Girth Measurements
  • Blood Pressure
  • Blood Oxygenation
  • Pulse
  • EKG
  • Physical Exam
  • Blood Tests (Complete Blood Count & Panels for Metabolic, Lipid, and Thyroid Health)
Our clinical staff will also provide additional medical support for people with extensive medical conditions such as autoimmune disease, hormone imbalance, thyroid dysfunction, digestive disorders, food allergies, and other diseases. Unfortunately, certain medical conditions can prevent a person from reaching optimal health and complicates weight loss efforts. Some conditions even cause weight gain. In addition to the standard exam, we will use our integrative medical approach to help with these conditions which may include:

  • Special Laboratory Tests
  • Homeopathic Remedies
  • Acupuncture / Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Specialized Nutrition Plan
  • Customized Supplement Protocol
  • Herbal Remedies
  • Stress Management Tools

You may read more about these text under our Initial and Weekly Tests section »

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Weekly Follow Up Visits

Once you have begun your weight loss journey and completed your initial visit with Trilogy Medical Centers, we will schedule a weekly visit for you. The visits will range from 10 to 20 minutes and will help you with accountability. At your weekly visits, we will collect the following information from you and provide any therapeutic injections and recommendations for supplements you may need.

  • Weight
  • BMI (Body Mass Index)*
  • Fat % (Body Fat Percentage)*
  • FFM (Fat Free Mass)*
  • BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate)*
  • TBW (Total Body Water)*
  • Girth Measurements
  • Blood Pressure
  • Blood Oxygenation
  • Pulse
  • Weight and Fat Loss Calculations
  • Physical Exam (every 6 to 12 weeks or as needed)

You may read more about these tests in the next section »

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Initial and Weekly Tests

Your initial and weekly visits at Trilogy Medical Centers will provide you with an exam or assessment that includes several measurements. Your assessment will be conducted with our high tech Tanita scales to determine your weight and body composition. This specialized scale uses ultrasound technology along with your weight, height, age, and activity level to determine your body composition. You will be provided with a weekly print out that will show your measurements so you may track your progress. Measurements include the following:

BMI (Body Mass Index)
Your BMI measurement is based on your height and weight. Most doctors and insurance companies use BMI to determine your health risk. Generally, BMI is considered an effective way to evaluate whether you are overweight or obese. However, there are exceptions to the rule. Very muscular people may have a high BMI that puts them in the overweight category. However, they are not truly overweight because muscle tissue is much more condensed for the same weight as fatty tissue. Following are the ranges for BMIs according to the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute:

  • Healthy – 18.5 to 24.9
  • Overweight – 25 to 29.9
  • Obese – 30 to 39.9
  • Morbidly Obese – 40+
Fat % (Body Fat Percentage)
Your body fat percentage consists of both essential and storage fats:

  • Essential Fat – Includes body fat that is necessary for physiological function. Without it, you would not be alive. It is present in your brain, nerve tissues, bone marrow, organs, and more. Men need at least 3 percent body fat while women need at least 12 percent (for normal menstruation and fertility).
  • Storage Fat – Includes excess body fat that is not necessary and may actually be harmful to your health as it contributes to disease. You increase your storage fat when overeating without allowing enough activity to burn it off.

Healthy ranges for body fat (essential and storage) are:

  • Men – 15 to 18%
  • Women – 18 to 24%
FFM (Fat Free Mass)
FFM, also known as LBM (Lean Body Mass), is the percentage of all your lean mass excluding body fat. This includes your muscles, bones, connective tissue, and water. Muscle acts as your body’s natural fat burning engine. Therefore, it is important to maintain, and sometimes gain, FFM when exercising or losing weight. By measuring your FFM, we can determine if you are losing body fat instead of muscle. We measure it with the following calculation:
Total Body Weight – Fat Mass (Pounds of Fat) – TBW (Total Body Water) = FFM (Fat Free Mass)[/bo]
BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate)
BMR measures how many calories you burn at rest. It is the minimum amount of energy expenditure when you are not active, but you are still burning due to heart rate, breathing, and even thinking. It does not include any daily activities like moving around, working, exercising, etc. The calculation is based on your age, gender, and body composition. You will notice that your BMR result will decrease weekly as you lose weight simply because it takes less effort on the part of your body to function. Obese people actually burn more calories at rest because their bodies are working harder. That is why they lose weight faster when they first diet, while leaner people lose more slowly.
TBW (Total Body Water)
We will measure your TBW to help us understand your overall progress of weight loss. Water retention can be an issue for some people, and we will incorporate the appropriate regimen to help if you are having a problem with this.During your first week of our program, you may see a large drop in total weight. It can be five or six pounds, but most of it will most likely be water weight. Some foods that can make you gain water weight include starchy carbohydrates, pre-packaged and canned foods, as well as junky fast foods. These foods are high in starch, sugar, and sodium which are all contributory to TBW and sometimes fat gain. Women can also retain water weight during menstrual and ovulation cycles. Normal TBW for men should be between 50 to 65 percent. Women should be between 45 to 60 percent.

Injection Therapy

To assist you in your weight loss efforts and energy levels, Trilogy Medical Centers will provide you with a therapeutic injection(s) as needed. Following are injections that you may need:

Our Lipo injection is a mixture of amino acids and Vitamin B12. It will help you lose body fat and increase your energy levels. Amino acids are the building blocks that your body uses to make proteins. Many people who are overweight or obese have a deficiency in these amino acids. Following is a description for each of the amino acids: Our Lipo injection is a mixture of amino acids and Vitamin B12. It will help you lose body fat and increase your energy levels. Amino acids are the building blocks that your body uses to make proteins. Many people who are overweight or obese have a deficiency in these amino acids. Following is a description for each of the amino acids: Methionine Methionine functions in the removal of metabolic wastes from the liver and assists in the breakdown of body fat. It also assists in the prevention of fatty buildup in the liver and arteries. Your energy should also increase with Methionine. Inositol Like Methionine, Inositol is a lipotropic agent. It is involved in fatty acid metabolism, carbohydrate metabolism, and intracellular calcium mobilization. Deficiency of inositol results in fatty buildup in the liver. Choline Choline is involved in fatty acid metabolism and is also a lipotropic and prevents fatty deposits in the liver.
Our B12 injection is an energy vitamin and is an important part of metabolism, detoxification, and nerve transmission in your body. B12 can also help suppress appetite and reduce water retention.
Our B6 injections work alongside our B12 injections to facilitate protein, carbohydrate, and fat metabolism. Like Vitamin B12, it acts as a mild diuretic so it is helpful for people who retain water. It also assists in the regulation of anemia, blood sugar, cravings, hormones, blood pressure, stress, headaches, depression, and more.
Our B-Complex injection includes a mixture of all the B vitamins to help with low energy levels, irritability, difficulty concentrating, depression, hair loss, and more. It also helps metabolic healing.


Depending on your needs, Trilogy Medical Centers will recommend supplemental nutrients that may include vitamins, minerals, and herbal or botanical support. Supplements will help to prevent nutritional deficiencies and support your metabolic process during weight loss. We strongly recommend the following products for weight loss support.

Core Nutrition Supplements

Twice Daily MultiTM

Twice Daily Multi TM Dietary Supplement
Designed to provide nutrients difficult to obtain in the typical diet. Our multi-vitamin will provide you with 400 IU of Vitamin E, 200 mcg of selenium, 400 mcg of chromium, 500 mg of Vitamin C, and 400 mcg of folates.

  • Most Efficiently Absorbed Mineral Forms Available
  • Rich in Immune Enhancing Antioxidants
  • Calcium and Magnesium Free Which Require Dosing to Needs


EndoTrim TM Dietary Supplement
Nutritional support for fat loss and healthy body composition. Supports metabolism and a healthy balance of the hormones involved in blood glucose handling, stress response, and regulation of appetite. Indicated for:

  • Appetite & Stress Control
  • Blood Sugar Support
  • Fat Loss & Metabolism Improvement
  • Muscle Mass Increase

Chromium Synergy

Chromium Syergy

Chromium Synergy™ is a synergistic formula of nutrients for optimal insulin function and blood sugar control. It combines the best chelated minerals from Albion Advanced Nutrition in a base of cinnamon powder to assist insulin receptor function and cellular glucose uptake.

Made with non-GMO ingredients.

  • Serving Size: 1 Capsules
  • Gluten Free
  • Dairy Free

Adjunctive Nutrition Supplements

Fat LossThermo-EFx™

Fat Loss Thermo-EFx Dietary Supplement
Thermogenic formula for healthy weight management. Supports a process called thermogenesis, where the body raises its temperature or energy output, helping you burn off more calories in the form of heat. Does not include symptoms such as anxiety, insomnia, or increased heart rate like other stimulants. Indicated for:

  • Fat Loss
  • Improved Metabolism
  • Appetite Control


Crave Arrest Dietary Supplement
Natural support for mood stability, appetite regulation, and a healthy stress response. Supports optimal brain chemical (neurotransmitter) levels that are essential for regulating craving urges, addictive behavior, and unstable moods. Indicated for:

  • Carb & Sugar Cravings
  • Addictive Tendencies
  • Mood Stability
  • Healthy Stress Response Support

Building Lifestyle Habits

While your initial and follow-up consultations with Trilogy Medical Centers will help get you started on your path to metabolic health and weight loss, we also encourage you to incorporate a healthy lifestyle plan. Nutrition, exercise, sleep, and stress reduction are part of that equation. Please read the remainder of this patient guide to understand how your body is affected by this equation. When you meet with our professional staff, you will receive your individualized meal plan as well as a password to obtain our patient guide online. In the Nutrition section, you will find tips to help you prepare your kitchen and meals for the greatest success as well as recipes to get you started. We’re also including tips for exercising efficiently, getting enough sleep, and managing stress. By healing and boosting your metabolism, you will gain more energy and be on your way to feeling great. Our program is based on science, yet it is simple to incorporate. Before long, you’ll be asking why you didn’t start living this way sooner!

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Tips for Success
  1. Eat 3 balanced meals and snacks per day. Include protein, carbohydrates, and dietary fat with each meal and snack to stabilize blood sugar and hormonal shifts that usually result in food and sugar cravings. See your individualized meal plan.
  2. Drink water every day. Your minimum goal should be one-half your body weight in ounces of water. If you weigh 160 pounds, your minimum should be 80 ounces of water. Drink more if you can to clear toxins out of your body.
  3. Take supplements each day. By taking the recommended supplements, you will help your body support metabolic changes, especially while you are transitioning off of prescription medication(s).
  4. Exercise consistently. By including both resistant and aerobic exercise, you will help your basal metabolic rate and energy levels work efficiently.
  5. Get quality sleep every night. Sleep 8 to 9 hours every night without interruption to help your metabolic process of losing body fat.
  6. Manage stress. Avoiding drama and not getting overwhelmed over little things will help keep your cortisol levels healthy. Healthy cortisol will keep you in fat burning mode.
  7. Keep a positive mindset. Focus on your long-term goals of being fit and healthy, rather than the temporary gratification of fun or comfort foods.
  8. Be an example to your family, friends, and co-workers. You’ll receive positive feedback if you share that you are working on being healthy, rather than telling everyone you are on a diet.
  9. Attend your weekly meeting with us at Trilogy Medical Centers. Don’t skip any of your weekly assessment meetings to check your progress and receive motivation. This will help you to continue working towards your weight loss goals.
  10. Live your life! Instead of focusing on food and exercise constantly, just enjoy the process and live your life.

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This information is available as a PDF document.