Tips for Success

Think Positively

Have you ever noticed that some people don’t seem to be bothered by the things that make you sad or angry? Maybe it’s time to implement the lessons of meditating Buddhists who strive to stress less. After all, an object cannot be stressful all by itself. In fact, your interpretations of it promote your personal stress. Practice reframing stress into something positive. For instance, practice seeing rejection as an opportunity for a better prospect whether it is in business or relationships. Instead of allowing that rejection to paralyze and stress you out, stay positive and keep moving forward. Remember the motto, “Obstacles are only a blessing in disguise.”


Research shows that laughter is the best medicine. Not only does it reduce stress hormone levels, it will lower blood pressure, improve cardiac health, boost your immune system, and releases endorphins that help ease pain. It also produces a general sense of well-being. You’ll even get a great abdominal workout from it. To help you laugh, find humor by watching funny movies or YouTube videos. You may even want to surround yourself with comedic friends. If you don’t have friends who can make you laugh, attend a local comedy show. You’ll be sure to make some new funny friends.

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