The Importance of a Restful Body

Some periods of our lives are smooth sailing. Without the stress, our body’s organs – and the chemicals produced from them – are in balance. However, living in Utopia is not an everyday reality for most of us. Whether it’s personal, financial, or work related – or a combination of some or all – stress can spin us out of control like cars on a slick highway.

Under normal stress, your hormones can put you back on tract and headed down the road again. Within moments, they can help you navigate through life again whether it is lifting a bad mood, breaking a fever, or reducing pain.

While our bodies are intelligent and know just how to produce enough hormones to protect us from physical or emotional stress, excessive stress can wreak havoc on your chemical messengers which, in turn, cause other chemical messengers to fail to do their jobs efficiently. Heart rate, blood pressure, body temperature, sleep, pain perception, immune system response, and metabolism can all be affected. Inflammation and weight gain may even occur.

Applying stress management techniques, as well as getting quality sleep, will help protect your body. If you haven’t been getting the rest you need, please find some useful tips on the following pages that may help. While excess stress takes its toll on the body, you have the ability to control the chemical messengers that cause weight and health issues. Along with other healthy lifestyle choices, your metabolism will begin to heal. Then you’ll find it’s much easier to lose weight and be healthy.


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