Techniques for Better Sleep

Stress and worry can cause pain as your cortisol levels rise. Following are some techniques that may help you relieve your stress for better sleep. Additionally, you may want to check your lifestyle choices as well. Are you drinking caffeinated beverages or napping during the day? Might your medication schedule be causing restless nights? By eliminating these factors as well as including the given techniques, you may be able to finally get the rest you’ve been longing for.

Relax Your Face

Stress Management -Techniques for Better SleepTighten all your facial muscles and hold for two seconds. Take a deep breath. Relax muscles while exhaling. Repeat a few times.

Buy a Memory Foam Pillow

You can purchase memory foam pillows for your neck, your back, and your hips. Once you’ve found the most comfortable position, you don’t have to fight with your pillow each night.

Space Your Fitness Routine

Spread your exercises out instead of cramming your weight training, cardio, and other exercises into one session. Never overextend yourself as the rising cortisol levels – from strenuous exercise – will only increase your stress. Cortisol is your stress hormone.


Visualize your worries and imagine them being carried off downstream until they disappear over the horizon. Continue doing this with all your worries until you are just relaxing near a soft flowing stream. Listen to the flow of water and the birds singing. Smell the nearby flowers, and feel the warm sun shining down on you.

Take a Hot Bubble Bath

A soothing hot bath before bedtime may relax you. Use candlelight instead of overhead lightbulbs. Add soothing essential oils, along with Epsom salts. The aromatherapy from the essential oils will help relieve your stress levels, while the salts will pull toxins from your body. Together, they will put you into a relaxing state for sleep.


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