Disease states




Acid reflux is a muscular weakness disease, not an acid problem. However, since there are no standard treatments to address the problem directly, acid blocking medications are commonly used to treat the problem. In homeopathy, an agent is used that will address internalized anger and muscular weakness. If the lower esophageal sphincter ring is not too badly damaged or enlarged, then the homeopathic preparation should resolve the problem between 80-100%.


Allergies almost always coincide with a scattered state of the nervous system and immune system in both adults and children. Homeopathic medicines will be selected that address the unfocused and over-reactive nature of the immune system and nervous system. The results are often quite successful. Most people with ADD (attention deficit disorder) also have allergies or sensitivities.


Common arthritis or osteoarthritis is a manifestation of resentment and the resulting contraction that occurs in the joints. The more contracted a joint space is, the more the joint gets worn down as it is used. Resentment causes hardening, increasing calcium levels in the joints and tendons. The results of this are often bone spurs. When homeopathic medicine works correctly, the tissue softens and becomes more fluid as resentment decreases. Standard anti-inflammatories help to decrease pain and inflammation but do not address the hardening process.


Asthma can be a disease of allergic nature or of grief causing weakness of the respiratory system. The lungs are responsible for processing grief. Sometimes our children have asthma because they are processing a grief passed down through lineage, not from something they have experienced. Other times the child’s asthma is purely from allergic tendencies without any correlation to grief. The homeopathic preparation is selected accordingly.


ADD is dramatically on the rise. True ADD inhibits the creative and productive tendency of a person. Interestingly, the medical use of stimulants is effective in temporarily treating the symptoms of ADD. A stimulant feeds a part of the brain that would normally distract the mind. It allows the person to stay focused longer. Homeopathic medicine uses a highly-diluted scattering agent to stop the brain’s tendency to scatter.

ADD can be similar to listening to beautiful music while static is interfering with the sound. The static of the brain is a signal breaking through the filter between the feeling brain and the thinking brain. A homeopathic medicine will quiet distortion signals and also toughen up that filter.


Autism and related syndromes are dramatically on the rise. Many children and young adults have autistic traits without being fully autistic. Asperger’s syndrome and developmental delay syndromes are two of these related categories. These syndromes exist because of brain circuitry problems. Homeopathy can stimulate the brain and turn on dormant areas by connecting circuits. When a proper treatment is received, both learning and communication skills as well as physical growth increase.


Unfortunately, most of us no longer live in a natural environment. Foreign chemicals and odors are more abundant than ever. Homeopathy can help decrease sensitivity to this unnatural environment or help a person recover from an exposure by decreasing the intensity of a reaction to the substance.


Studying many patients over the years who have a tendency toward high cholesterol has helped us determine the causes and contributors to high cholesterol. The major cause is genetics. Another common cause is the need for protection, caused by being in a vulnerable state. When we feel we need more protection, we make more cholesterol. Cholesterol is not fat, it is a wax-like substance that helps to build cell walls, skin and hormones. Hence it is necessary for a healthy body. Cholesterol only becomes a problem when it begins to build up in the arteries.

Homeopathic medicines can decrease these feelings of vulnerability. In turn, cholesterol counts can decrease. In severe cases of cholesterol build-up, the patient is advised to continue using a cholesterol-lowering drug.


Ulcerative colitis is caused from internalized anger while Chron’s disease is caused from resentment. The homeopathic medicine must erase deeply-rooted emotions if it is to be successful. But once success is achieved, remission can last forever. The difficulty is that most colitis patients are good at burying emotions, so when they must discuss these issues during the homeopathic interview, they have difficulty. When the process works, the results are dramatic. The homeopathic remedy will often be made of a dilution of a volatile substance to reverse a volatile internal state.


Constipation results from the patient’s need for control. The intestine is lined extensively with muscle. Neuromuscular signals to the colon determine whether to let waste travel slowly or quickly. The more relaxed a patient is, the less constipation there is. This especially applies to young children and infants, who are constantly faced with a feeling of being unable to control their bodies, lives or environment. In adults, constipation can be successfully treated even after persisting for many years.


Hardening of the arteries often develops from resentment over not receiving enough love and affection in their lives. The person will then harden their heart in order to feel less vulnerable. They were starved for love and they will often starve their loved ones in return. When you add anger and inflammation then a heart attack is more likely. Homeopathic medicines are used to soften the person and their heart.


When depression is severe, it is often from a brain chemical abnormality. The problem first begins from the loss of positive signals from the brain. In addition, negative signals from the deep memory bank cloud over the positive feelings. A weak positive signal is easily drowned out by stronger negative signals. These are called distortion signals because they are distorting normal brain function and chemistry. The person will often feel fatigued and overwhelmed. Suppression of anger and passion will also lead to depression. Sometimes depression can be inherited. The speed of recovery depends on the severity and depth of the roots of depression. Psychotherapy is recommended in combination with homeopathic treatment. Serious depression should be treated with homeopathic and pharmaceutical medication in combination.


Adult onset diabetes is often linked to a deep lifelong feeling of a loss of sweetness in life. The person will often feel weary of life. This often occurs after experiences of betrayal. They are often nice people who tend to serve others at the sacrifice of themselves. Genetics plays a big role here as well. Homeopathy seems to slow and prevent the damage to the arteries and tissues, but the remedies often do not change sugar levels. However, they seem to prevent the build up of atherosclerosis, which is responsible for causing tissue damage in the eyes, kidneys, heart and extremities. Homeopathic remedies work well along with standard diabetic medication.


One of the best US studies proving the effectiveness of homeopathy was on the treatment of infant diarrhea. It was a double blind-placebo controlled study performed by Jennifer Jacobs, MD from Washington. She convincingly showed a statistically significant difference between days of duration of diarrhea of the placebo group and the group given a homeopathic medicine. The infants given the homeopathic medicine showed a significantly faster recovery.

Chronic or recurrent diarrhea is often caused by feelings of loss of control or weakness in regaining control over a situation. Strong or constant fear or worry can also be at the root of the problem. Often just waking in the morning or eating can over stimulate, causing a loose bowel movement. Acute viral infection that often causes diarrhea can be treated with an appropriate Acute homeopathic medicine. Bacterial or parasitic infections should be treated with an appropriate antibiotic prior to receiving homeopathic care to restore the colon to normal.


Lumbar, or lower back, disc degeneration is associated with weakness resulting from grief, loss, depression, or a feeling of helplessness and powerlessness. Cervical, or neck, disc degeneration results from long term withholding of anger or indignation. A disc herniation can occur when there has been long term weakness combined with a sudden increase in internalized anger. This causes inflammation and bulging of the disc material. One false move in the spine and the disc can fully herniate. A feeling of tight control can cause the discs to bulge from compression.


Eczema is generally caused by allergy or irritation. It can be a reaction to the body’s own tissue triggered from auto-immune signals. Long term emotional irritations that are internalized can trigger these auto-immune signals. Genetic inheritance can be responsible for eczema in children. The corresponding irritability will often be present in a child for no apparent reason. Both the eczema and the irritability will reduce simultaneously with homeopathic treatment over several months.


Swelling of the extremities or other parts of the body is associated with chronic grief. The appropriate homeopathic remedy will activate the body to eliminate excess fluid that has accumulated in the tissues. Edema caused by serious injury or disease will not respond as well. Osteopathic treatment to the joints can help drain fluid along with a homeopathic preparation.


This debilitating female condition usually responds well to proper homeopathic treatment. The illness arises from the abnormal growth of uterine endometrial tissue outside the uterine cavity. It can grow over the ovaries, fallopian tubes, intestines and any organ in the pelvis or abdomen. Endometriosis is caused by internalized anger over not receiving love and affection in life. It can also be caused by sexual violation. The more anger and resentment, the more intense the pain. When a homeopathic preparation is working effectively, the pain and cramping reduces. The tissue seems to soften as resentment reduces and inflammation decreases as the amount of anger reduces. Abnormal menstrual bleeding can also normalize gradually.


Ovarian and uterine fibroids can develop from hardening of the female tissues. Internalized resentment is often the cause, and the amount of resentment determines the size of the fibroids. If the fibroids are large and causing a lot of trouble, they must be surgically removed and then treatment on the underlying disease is applied to prevent further hardening.



Fibromyalgia is a neuro-muscular disease, corresponding to the tendency to control anger. Many patients just do not know how to process and release anger and they expend a lot of energy trying to bury it. Fatigue, muscular and joint pain are the result. Most patients with fibromyalgia are quite sensitive and are not naturally able to contain intense emotion.

If the anger is internalized too much, an auto-immune process begins. This can blend into other illnesses, such as rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, migraine headaches, colitis, osteoarthritis, endometriosis and others. Since fibromyalgia is not a hardening disease, it’s more easily eradicated than true arthritis.


Genetic pattern hair loss is not treatable with homeopathy. However, abnormal hair loss is treatable. Internalized grief is generally the cause. Treatment results are usually very positive when this is the only significant problem. When there is a deep auto-immune disease associated with the hair loss, the results are much slower and not as complete.


Hemorrhoids are generally caused by weakness and internalized anger. There is often a feeling of excess pressure or anger that is not expressed. It is also often associated with a history of low back problems. A homeopathic medicine can be applied to give the body strength to endure pressure and later act on the frustrating circumstances. These are often remedies that bolster personal power.


Acute and chronic hepatitis can be treated with homeopathy very nicely as long as it hasn’t progressed too far. Hepatitis is most often caused by a viral infection or from alcohol abuse. It can also be caused by drugs or medication. Studies show that many people with hepatitis C actually live without many symptoms for many years. When there is significant internalized anger existing in the person, the physical agent, such as a virus, will have a more detrimental effect. When the intensity of the negative physical and emotional sensations in a person are reduced with homeopathic treatment, then the hepatitis can be significantly reduced or resolved.


High blood pressure often results from long term control of fear or anger. If blood pressure numbers vary, they are probably less serious than elevated numbers that are constant. Hypertension results from constriction of the blood vessel during an emotional reaction. Homeopathic medicines are used to help the release the desire to control the uncontrollable, and to lessen the nervous system’s response to stress.


Hypoglycemia is low blood sugar. The person metabolizes sugar too rapidly, leaving blood sugar levels too low. The more sensitive the person is, the more likely it is they will have hypoglycemia. If balancing the diet does not help, then homeopathy can have a role in treatment. A proper remedy will calm down the over-reaction tendency emotionally and physically and lessen hypoglycemia. Diet continues to be important.


(See urinary frequency).


IBS, also called spastic bowel, is associated with feelings of fear, chronic worry, and feelings of loss of control. These are often intense feelings that can severely disturb the nervous system and colon. The person is usually very intense or quite sensitive. Interestingly, as patients are treated properly with homeopathy, the physical symptoms decrease and they become more aware of their emotions. The treatment success rate is very high.


Manic / depression is a genetic condition that is triggered either spontaneously or from a significant amount of emotional pressure. The gene for the illness must be present in most cases. The illness is commonly caused by a filter breakdown in the brain, resulting in the feeling brain’s domination over the rational brain. Like schizophrenia, the person often doesn’t realize the impact of their actions during an episode. If the filter can be repaired, rational function can resume. The mainstay of standard medical treatment is to provide a second filter with a drug. But, homeopathy tries to help rebuild the damaged filter system in the brain. In moderate to severe cases, standard medicines must be continued along with homeopathic treatment. In very severe cases, homeopathy will have no role until homeopathic mental institutions are available.


Menopause is not a disease, but a natural process of life. But, it may not seem like a natural process if a woman is in the throws of severe symptoms. If a woman prepares for menopause in advance, it does not have to be such a difficult process. Of course, genetics can play a major role, so it helps to gain insight by investigating the female history line.

Each symptom is a clue as to how your system is struggling with the hormonal conversion to lower estrogen levels. The adrenal gland should take over as the main supplier of hormone production after the ovaries have ceased working. Some women have trouble making this conversion, which can cause hot flashes and sweats, mood swings, and other symptoms. These symptoms can be minimized with homeopathic treatments to ease the conversion and lower the body’s response.

The homeopathic remedy selected varies tremendously depending on the woman’s level of discomfort. The duration and intensity of the difficulty of the menopausal change should be cut by at least 50% with proper homeopathic treatment. Herbal and nutritional support are often combined with treatment.


Difficulty with menstruation can be caused by disturbances from the brain and pituitary signals that reach the ovaries and uterus. Grief often manifests itself as bleeding tendencies in women. When a homeopathic preparation helps release the grief, the heavy bleeding subsides. Intense menstrual cramping can be due to hardening signals that cause the uterus to contract too intensely. Old, unresolved anger is often the cause.


Migraines are generally caused by withheld anger. Either the person has too much intense anger to process or, more commonly, they are not very good at letting anger out. They are often nice people who are very hard on themselves. A migraine is more like a seizure than a common headache. Migraines are generally treated successfully because there is no structural component to a migraine. When treatment is successful, migraines resolve and the person can process anger in a healthy way. Healthy anger is being strong, firm and direct. An overly angry person with migraines will soften inside as migraines reduce from the treatment.


These disorders arise from deeply ingrained old anger and resentment, causing the body’s tissues to harden. If a person numbs to what they are feeling, the signals begin to disintegrate the myelin-a soft and protective coating around the body’s nerves-or the nerve tissue. With treatment, a person who represses anger is able to contact and express old resentment gradually. The reward is the halting of the degenerative process and often repair of a portion of the damage. White spots in the brain and spinal cord can resolve as seen on follow-up MRI scanning.


We treat obesity with a refreshingly new approach. Many people have never thought about the cause of their obesity. Causes can range from genetics to emotional distortion signals and neglect. Food becomes the replacement for feelings of fulfillment, love and support. Hard working people who feel unrewarded for their efforts can often be overweight and use food as a reward. Treatment can be a multi-faceted approach including homeopathic treatment at the center, temporary thyroid treatment and psychotherapy. The results are often astounding when a patient is motivated.


The distortion signal for osteoporosis is long term grief stored deep. Whether an osteoclast (bone breakdown cell) or osteoblast (bone-building cell) is called into function is dependent on signals from the brain. When the brain’s filter thins, erroneous signals can interfere with the maintenance of healthy bone. When these signals are corrected, we see bone production increase. With more advanced cases, regular pharmaceuticals are combined with homeopathy.


Recurrent ear infections are an extremely common problem. An ear infection represents a weak and an unfocused immune system. The increased frequency of this illness in populations corresponds with the same rise in allergies, recurrent sinusitis and attention deficit disorder (ADD). Many homeopathic medicines used to successfully eradicate recurrent otitis are the same medicines used for treating ADD. If a child does not have a scattered mind-body connection, it is probably a mild weakness in the immune system’s ability to fight illness at the entry points of the body, such as the nose, mouth and skin. Like vaccines, homeopathic medicines can challenge the immune system, but in addition they increase B-cells to convert to the killer T-cells. Standard vaccines do not help B-cells convert into the T-cells necessary to kill viruses and bacteria. Once homeopathic medicines have challenged the immune system, the sinus and ear infections stop. Results can be seen as early as 1-2 months after treatment begins, depending on the amount of weakness present.


The gums are a very active arm of the body’s immune system. When the immune system is fatigued, weakened or scattered, the gums react by receding or pulling away from the teeth. This allows bacteria to infiltrate and make the situation worse. Killing the bacteria does not fully address the problem, but with homeopathic treatment, the gum pockets will shrink and bacterial counts will diminish. Antibiotic treatments may be advised prior to beginning homeopathic treatment if a large infection is present. Unfortunately, recession of the gums can be slowed, but not reversed.


When estrogen and progesterone rise and suddenly fall, the filter thins and inner distortion signals are free to enter the consciousness. When the filter re-establishes later, the woman can feel radically different, often saying, “I don’t know why I was so upset about things then.” Homeopathic treatment empties the inner feeling brain of distorted signals and establishes a thicker, healthier filter so there is less physical and emotional trouble when hormones shift.


The prostate is an organ that enhances the expression of a man’s personal power. Enlargement of the gland corresponds to the trapping of this expression. When the gland hardens and becomes nodular, it symbolizes the body’s expression of old unexpressed anger and resentment about this trapping. Today, men are having the most difficulty expressing their strength, firmness and directness without being harsh. Consequently, we are seeing an explosion of prostate disease cases. The prostate gland is heart shaped like the uterus, and is responsible for transferring sexual feelings into heart feelings. The failure to do this results in hardening of the prostate and the coronary arteries, the two most prominent male illnesses of our time. With homeopathic treatment, the man should become softer and more powerful at the same time. The organ itself should feel firm yet soft, as should the spirit of the man.



Psoriasis is a combination of weakness and anger. The skin lesions are red, itchy and cause breakdown of the skin. It is an auto-immune disease. Most psoriasis patients are thin-filtered people. They are not able to contain anger well, so it manifests quite early in life as psoriasis. When grief is encountered, the filter breaks down even more and the lesions increase. Often psoriasis shows itself in very young children, disappears as the person matures and gets stronger but then re-appears in the 20’s-40’s when more fatigue sets in. With homeopathic treatment, as the withholding tendency decreases and the person gets stronger and more direct, the lesions diminish.


Rheumatoid arthritis is one of the hardest illnesses for us to treat. Arthritis is an auto-immune disease with very destructive properties caused by inner deep resentment manifesting itself. Deep resentment is often related to the lineage. A person often comes from a sensitive line that doesn’t know how to deal with the world’s inequities and unfairness. Deep resentments build and the person learns how to hold feelings inside until they are no longer able to be withheld. The person is often unaware of these old feelings as they assess their current life. When the homeopath attempts to illicit the pieces that led to the disease it is very difficult for the person. This is one of the main reasons for the high rate of failure with treatment for this illness. Another reason is that standard medical treatment often drives the disease burying process deeper inside making it harder to uncover. With the current standard use of the chemotherapeutic drug Methotrexate, the success rate of homeopathy in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis has dropped immensely.


Internalized anger often manifests as dilated and engorged blood vessels and inflammation in the face. The center section of the face represents the emotions, with the nose taking in the majority of harshness. The resentment then felt results in hardened skin underneath the dermis. Early to moderate stage rosacea responds very well to homeopathic treatment as long as the anger is not stored in deeper tissues in the body. The deepest tissue disturbed will be cleansed first prior to the more superficial skin layer. Both areas will be addressed by homeopathic medicine, but the deeper issue must be addressed before the rosacea will be eliminated.


Schizophrenia is a complex illness that should be divided into different categories of severity. There are two main components to the illness: a breakdown in the brain filter system and brain circuitry difficulty. If a filter breakdown between the thinking brain and feeling brain occurs after a stressful event, then the prognosis of homeopathic treatment is quite good. But, when schizophrenia occurs without an inciting event and begins early on in life, it means the brain circuits have not matured. When a filter breakdown occurs in addition to these factors, this scenario has a worse prognosis for recovery. In both scenarios, the intensity of the distortion signals in the feeling brain that are confusing the thinking brain can be quieted. Violent and paranoid tendencies can be reduced. The homeopathic medicines are gentle stimuli to help the brain mature and build a better filter system by quieting the inner brain. For more violent or severe cases, we need to re-establish in-patient settings where relapses and standard medication tapering can be monitored and dealt with appropriately. Milder cases of schizophrenia or transient psychotic episodes can respond quite well to homeopathic treatment. The milder the psychotropic medications used in treatment, the better the prognosis of success.


Refer to the paragraph on rheumatoid arthritis, since the treatment is similar.


Recurrent sinusitis is dramatically increasing in our population. It is caused by old grief and the associated physical weakness in the immune system. Sterile sinusitis means swollen membranes without an infection. This is often blamed on allergies. Allergies can cause sinusitis, however if you have tried allergy medication and the sinusitis is still persistent, it is probably from sterile sinusitis. It can also manifest from contracting a severe sinus infection, causing the disturbed tissue to be vulnerable to grief signals which take advantage of the weakened tissue. Once the floodgates have opened they are not easily closed. Homeopathic medicine is used to bring down inflammation and resolve grief simultaneously. Results are commonly rapid and an initial period of increased sinus drainage is common. The typical cloudy headed feelings are relieved once the drainage occurs. When the sinus membrane inflammation recedes, the wet or congested feelings decrease.


Rapid skin aging can advance when the distortion signals of grief inhabit the skin for too many years. Lack of skin tone represents the breakdown of elastic tissue underneath the skin. This cannot be resolved by applying creams or other topical treatments. The signal to the skin must change to one of strength and resiliency. It can be quite striking to see a patient’s face change over several months of homeopathic treatment as they find their inner strength.


Chronic stiffness is disabling, and is often a precursor to arthritis. It can also lead to degenerative disc disease or disc herniation in the neck or low back. The distortion signal of stiffness is the tight control of emotions. These emotions are commonly fear and anger underneath a veneer of calmness and indifference. The stiffness is the cost paid for covered vulnerability. Fearful reactions can lead to embarrassment or exposed weakness that is intolerable to the patient. The English “stiff upper lip” represents this nicely, and thin lips are common in a stiff person. With successful treatment, stiffness reduces and the lips become looser and more full. The patient will become more emotional over time, often to the joy of their loved ones.


Swelling, not caused by an injury, is usually caused by grief. We all know the typical look of grief as swollen eyes and face, however swelling anywhere in the body can be the same process. Swelling in the legs is often a loose swelling as opposed to the tight swelling in the legs caused from obesity and gravitational pressure. Cysts, such as those in the ovaries, can also be manifestations of grief and swelling. Ions in the body transfer the message of grief throughout the tissues. Often an substance containing ions is used to reverse this process. Water can drain out of the body after high dose treatment, but long standing swelling can take years of treatment to bring tone back to the dermis. Cysts can often shrink completely as the grief and weak feelings resolve.


Tremors are from the withheld feelings of fear of being out of control. The person often appears quite under control in life. Head tremors or extremity tremors are common. These tremors are different from Parkinson’s disease, which is a deterioration of a part of the brain that controls movement. Simple tremors can vary in response to homeopathic treatment. The easier it is for the patient to contact inner and past fears, the faster the improvement. Psychotherapy can also be a necessary component to success here.


Tumors are a hardening process that is associated with many years of harshness and resentment. The body’s tissue loses its soft, supple nature and becomes hard and dysfunctional. It can be caused from years of enduring harsh environments or from personal feelings of harshness. When homeopathic treatment is initiated, resentment decreases and more active anger increases for a time. The anger comes in waves over many months. Periods of softness, love and forgiveness begin to emerge over time as the tissue softens. If the tumor is large or malignant, surgery is required prior to treatment.


Twitching and tics are from controlled fear. The brain’s filter is thin and not able to withhold inner intense feelings. Twitching temporarily relieves the build-up of these feelings, and begins soon after the release. Constant twitching is caused by very intense distorted circuitry that can’t be held back. It is normal for infants to twitch since a child’s filter is not developed until as late as age 10. It is also common for people to twitch on falling asleep since the filter comes down in order for unconscious processing to occur during the night. When twitching is occurring abnormally it is often from both a filter problem and repressed fear that must be uncovered.


Ulcers are caused by inflammation and by a destructive process corresponding to initial internal anger and later internal resentment. The resentment is the destructive signal since it hardens the underlying tissue. Ulcers can occur in the stomach, mouth, small and large intestine, skin, eyes and cervix. When the distortion signals are resolved, the tissue will heal and ulcers will no longer occur. When the distortion signals remain, the tissue will repeatedly inflame and ulcerate. Ulcers commonly run in families, but can be removed over time.


Urinary frequency is the result of controlled fear and the associated tightness it manifests in the bladder muscular wall. The tighter the bladder, the quicker it sends signals of urine build-up in the bladder. In more severe conditions, obsessive or compulsive tendencies are present. Urinary frequency can be up to every 15-20 minutes. With homeopathic treatment, the feeling brain relaxes, which causes the bladder wall to relax and urinary frequency diminishes. If there is bladder lining inflammation in addition to the tightness, then it will take longer to resolve the problem. This is called Interstitial Cystitis and it involves pain and frequency, which can be very debilitating. Controlled internalized anger is the main distortion signal and homeopathy is very successful for the treatment of the problem.


Urinary incontinence is not pathological if it is mild and has occurred in conjunction with aging. When the problem is severe and comes too soon in life, it is pathological and should respond to treatment. The inner distortion signal is grief manifesting as an inner state of weakness. Homeopathic medicines are used that trigger the body to bring tone to several parts of the body. Clues from other parts of the body showing signs of weakness are important in making the correct diagnosis. With years of severe bodily debilitation, the incontinence will not respond.


Varicose veins are the physical manifestations of grief and loss. The right side of the body represents grief or loss of the father and the left side loss of the mother. They are often unilateral, but can also be bilateral. Bilateral varicose veins represent generalized grief and loss. Homeopathic treatment will only be useful to reduce pain and prevent new varicose veins. If the veins are quite distended and have been present for a long while, then they will not shrink with treatment.