The New Epidemic

The Situation:

90% of people with Diabesity don’t even know they have this dangerous conditiuon, and 235% who have the disease are consideried to be of normal weight.

The Solution:

An integrative medicine approach offers success.

Reverse Diabesity Today

Are you constantly tired? Overweight? Too much belly fat? Crave carbs? If you’ve been diagnosed with any of the following, you have Diabesity:

  • Hypoglycemia or Hyperglycemia
  • Mild Blood Sugar Imbalance or Pre-Diabetes
  • Adult-Onset Diabetes or Type 2 Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • Metabolic Syndrome or Syndrome X
  • Insulin Resistance
Diabesity Diagnosis
Insulin Resistance

What is Diabesity?

Before a person becomes diabetic, he or she will go through a stage leading to the disease. This stage is called insulin resistance. In short, insulin helps balance your blood sugar levels. When your body is resistance to it, long-term health problems occur. Lifestyle habits contribute to insulin resistance and Diabesity.

Dangers of Diabesity

While insulin affects blood sugar levels, it is also the root of virtually all chronic diseases and conditions. Therefore, diabetes is much more than just a blood sugar disease. Diabetes is an insulin problem that results in a myriad of health problems occurring in the body. In fact, insulin resistance disturbs the body’s metabolic processes and accelerates aging. Without a healthy metabolism, disease and early death result.

Diabesity Dangers
Lose Fat to Heal

Lose Fat to Heal

If you suspect you have Diabesity, you can personally do something about it. Body fat reduction is necessary, and lifestyle changes will help you get started. The right nutrition, nutraceuticals, exercise, quality sleep, and stress management will help you lose weight so that your body can begin to heal.

Integrative Medicine

Diabesity is a serious medical problem. By working with a practitioner who specializes in Integrative Medicine, you can determine the stage of metabolic damage with the right tests. Through a variety of protocols, your practitioner will guide and monitor your therapeutic program for successful outcomes. Prescribing homeopathy may also be necessary (read more).

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