Homeopathy After Care-Antidoting Information

An Antidote is a term we use when something has Disrupted your body’s reaction to the homeopathic medicine.  This will be something that has disturbed your nervous system.  It may come 1-14 days after your exposure to something only if you are sensitive to it.  People have different levels of sensitivity.  

The strongest to weakest antidotes are:

1.  Camphor:     90%
This is the strongest of antidotes, 90% of all people will notice a disruption in improvement after exposure and the symptoms will return more completely.  

2.  Dental Drilling or Injection:     70%
Dental drilling or injection is most likely to antidote.  Ultrasound or superficial grinding may not antidote.  70% of people will show symptoms in days to weeks after significant drilling.  30% of people will show no signs of disturbance.  

 3.  House Paints, Solvents & Pesticides:     60%
The more toxic the solvent is to your nervous system and the more sensitive your system is, the more likely you will experience a disturbance in days to weeks after an exposure.  This is also related to the amount of time that your are exposed for.  Masks help filter out droplet inhalation, but not fine vapors.  Art paints are fine to use  

 4.  Antibiotics:     50%
Only use antibiotics when needed.  If an herbal formulation or acute homeopathic medicine suffices it is less likely to antidote.  Antibiotic are advised when necesary.  

 5.  Coffee:     50%
Caffeine is OK to take.  Chemicals in coffee other than caffeine seem to cause people trouble by antidoting after a certain number of cups.  The antidoting substances such as:  Xanthines, Theobromines, Benzenes.  

It is imperative to abstain from use for awhile until we identify that your system is definitely responding vigorously to the homeopathic preparation we selected.  Some people can tolerate coffee better than others.  In sensitive people coffee may be a problem the whole time while on treatment.  You can test out your sensitivity once your remedy has not been changed for 4 months.  Coffee desserts are usually fine as long as the concentration is not great.  

 6.  Commercial Air Travel:     50%
Commercial jet travel antidotes 50% of the time, often after two or more flights.  Non-pressurized open air chamber planes are NO problem.  High altitude travel in a pressurized chamber for a certain period of time causes many people trouble often 1-4 weeks after travel.  

 7.  Electric Blankets:     30%
Many patients have reported antidote reaction after sleeping all night with an electric blanket.  Electric heating pads and water beds DO NOT cause disturbance.  Sleep is a time of resetting the nervous system.  Turning off an electric blanket prior to falling asleep should be fine for most people.  

 8.  Other Antidotes:     30%
 Acupuncture, Vaccinations, other homeopathic medicines, essential oils.  

 How You Know You Are Antidoted:  

A.  Mark down the date of exposure and what the substance or experience was.  
B.  Look for a persistent reversal in each of the three following levels for 1-2 weeks:  

  1. Two or more physical symptoms return without cause.
  2.  Unexplained and unusual fatigue/hyperactive state that persists.  
  3. The old mental/emotional state returns and persists.  

 What To Do If You Think You Have Been Exposed To An Antidote:  

  1. Stay on your daily dose as usual.  You may start feeling well again soon.
  2.  If old symptoms keep returning or are getting more intense or persisting, then take your daily dose twice per day for 3-7 days, until symptoms improve.  Then resume your usual once per day after you have recovered.  
  3.  If symptoms are intense or persisting past 2 weeks:  Contact us for a booster dose.  This can be mailed to you.

For  mild antidote:  12c dose
For moderate antidote:  LM 1 dose

 Antidote List

 Key:  S=Sensitive people only
          M=Medium sensitive people
          A=Resistant, medium and sensitive people (All)

Medicated lip balms: chapstick (certain flavors), Blistex, Carmex.
Sea breeze facial wash
Ben Gay
Tiger Balm
Mineral ice
Camphor containing oils-facial, massage or chiropractic use
Vics vapor rub
Caladryl lotion
Moth balls

Dental Drilling or Injection-M
Normal cleaning, fluoride treatments, whitening and x-rays are OK.  
Cavitron ultrasonic cleaning-S
(Sonicare toothbrush is OK

Fumes And Chemicals
Latex and oil based paints-M
Flea Bombs-M
Mosquito repellant-S
Strong cleaning solutions-S

Aromatic Oils:  
Australian Tea Tree Oil when strong-M
atchouli oil-S
Eucalyptus oil-S
Pine Oil-S
Rosemary Oil-S
Juniper Oil-S
Cedar Oil-S
Lavendar Oil-S
Strong Menthol-S

Always take antibiotics when needed.  

50% of people are sensitive to coffee slowing or stopping the homeopathic reaction.  Coffee extracts are OK.
Desserts rich in real coffee-M

Air Travel
West coast flights-S
Coast to coast or significant flights overseas-M

 Electric Blankets-M
Electricity over your whole body especially while sleeping can antidote.  The bed can be warmed by the electric blanket, then turned off upon entering the bed.  Waterbed heaters and heating pads are OK.  Minor electric shocks DO NOT antidote.  

Interfering Medications
Steriods(Cortisone, Prednisone)-A
Methotrexate for arthritis-A
Gold shots-A
Oral anti-fungal treatments (toenails)-M
Anti-psychotic Meds-A
Anti-seizure Meds-A

Medications That DO NOT Interfere:
Tylenol, asprin, etc.
Cough/cold syrup
Thyriod Medications
Asthma inhalers
Sleeping medications
Minor tranquilizers
Allergy medications
Mild anti-depressants
Mild-moderate pain killers (vicoden, codeine)

Other Homeopathic Medicine-S

Oscillococcinum-S (Homeopathic flu remedy)
Bach flower remedies-M
Therapeutic Ultrasound-S
Hair permanents & strong hair chemicals-S
Alcohol in moderate amounts is fine.
Cigarettes DO NOT antidote, but should be avoided for health reasons.

Acceptable Complementary Therapies:
Vitamins & Minerals 
Most herbs
Homeopathic teething tablets
Acupressure, chiropractic, osteopathic and massage
Psychotherapy (EMDR)