The Central Coast Academy of Homeopathic Medicine
~ a training institution for healthcare professionals ~
Academy Founder & Director – Dr. Jeff Lester, D.O.

Course Curriculum

Introduction to Homeopathy 101

This course introduces remedies, teaches acute case taking, discusses related books, explains the use of Homeopathic medicines in the acute care kit, and teaches First Aid and Trauma techniques.

Remedies discussed: Ignatia, Natrum 

Introduction to Homeopathy 102: How homeopathy works

This course dicusses Antidoting, Dosing Schedules, Acute case examples, and Chronic case examples by video. Pediatrics homeopathic methods for treating ear infections, asthma, sinusitis are also studied. As well as, Pregnancy, labor and Post-partum. This course will also introduce homeopathic ideas for Colds, Flus, Bronchitis, Pneumonia

Remedies: Natrums, Phosphorus, Staphysagria 

Introduction to Homeopathy 103

This course review on how homepathy works, Dosing review, Video presentations of depression, skin diseases, migraines, PMS and Menopause.

Remedies: Pulsatilla, Sulphur, Kall-Carbonicom, Silica, Thuja 

Introduction to Homeopathy 104

Video presentations of: Attention Deficit Disorder, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Children with insomnia, and Arthritis

Remedies: Anacardium, Medorrhinum, Calcoria’s, Nux-vomica 

Intermediate Homeopathy 201

The intermediate course is also done over four classes. In this course the students will continue the study of constitutional remedies of chronic diseases. 

Concepts Covered: Clinical Depression, Multiple Sclerosis, Rage Syndrome, ADHD & ADD, Suicidal Tendency, Hypoglycemia, Ulcerative Colitis, Asthma & Allergies, CFS & CFIDS, Eczema & Psoriasis, Seizure Disorder, and Sleep Disorders.

Remedies to cover by video: Nitric-acid, Phosphoric-acid, Lac remedies, Carcinosin, Mancinella, Plumbum, Mercurius, Hyosyamus, Lyssinum, Snake & spider venoms, Chelidonium, Argentum-nitricum, Arumm’s, Niccolus, Cuprum, Zincum, Palladium, Platinum, Capsicum, Carbon’s Thyrodinum, Ranumculus. 



Jeff Lester is a clear, precise conveyor of the art and science of homeopathy. I highly recommend him to any serious student of homeopathy.

Jim Bleckman


Dr. Samuel Hahnemann