21 Tips to Reduce Workday Stress

Most of us have to work to make a living. Unfortunately, stress is part of the job many times. Following is a list of tips that may help you reduce stress during your workday.

  1. Meditate. Start your day in quiet meditation. Sit or lie down and be with yourself. Listen to the sounds of nature – the flowing stream, birds singing, children playing. Take a slow and quiet walk paying attention to the blue skies and moving clouds.
  2. Pay attention to your breathing. While you sit and wait for your car to warm up, notice your breathing.
  3. Be aware of body tension. As you drive to work, be aware of body tension. Are you gripping the steering wheel tightly? Are your shoulders raised? Is your stomach knotted? What would it feel like to relax?
  4. Be with yourself. Instead of turning on the radio or talking on your mobile phone, be with yourself in the quietness of your drive to work.
  5. Drive the speed limit. Instead of being in a hurry to work, stay in the right lane and don’t pass other cars.
  6. Enjoy nature. As you stop at each stop sign or light, notice the flowers, trees, sky, etc.
  7. Orient yourself. After parking your vehicle, take a moment to orient yourself.
  8. Monitor bodily sensations. As you sit at your desk, or stand in your station, be aware of any tension and let it go.
  9. Truly break. As you take your breaks, be sure to truly take your breaks to relax. Rather than have a cup of coffee or smoke a cigarette, take a five minute walk.
  10. Regroup and recoup. Stop working for one to three minutes every hour. Be aware of your breathing and bodily sensations.
  11. Center yourself. Use everyday cues – ringing phone, turning on the computer – as reminders to center yourself.
  12. Consciously relax. If you have a door on your office, close it to consciously relax.
  13. Change your environment. Instead of eating at your desk or break room, leave the premises of your work place. Changing your environment can be very helpful.
  14. Share. Go to lunch or take breaks with work associates or friends, but don’t talk about work.
  15. Eat in silence. Choose one or two days per week to eat in silence and be by yourself.
  16. Retrace and prepare. At the end of the workday, acknowledge and congratulate yourself after retracing your activities. Also, make a list of things to accomplish for the next day.
  17. Pay attention. As you walk to your vehicle at the end of the workday, be aware of your breathing. Notice feelings in your body. Are you feeling rushed?
  18. Sit quietly. As you allow your vehicle to warmup, sit quietly for a few minutes. Consciously make the transition from work to home.
  19. Notice bodily sensations. As you drive home, take notice of your feelings. Are you rushing? Are you upset with someone at work?
  20. Come back to the present. As you pull into your driveway, take a moment to come back to the present. Put away your working mind, and orient yourself to be with your family.
  21. Re-Center yourself. Change out of your work clothes. Be quiet and still for five to 10 minutes. Then greet each member of your household.


This information is available as a PDF document.